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a place to get together

5/31/05 05:57 pm - jsummer5 - question about loans

If you get a stafford loan, & its showing up on your SIS that you got approved for it, but you have left over money.. how soon do you get that money mailed to you? Just wondering!!

5/24/05 11:15 pm - angelicate

Have any of you taken Art 271/272 (Printmaking)? If so, how did you like it? What did you do in 271?

5/19/05 03:21 pm - skyfading

selling three textbooks

the bedford introduction to literature

a history of western society

lowfat lies

5/19/05 03:04 pm - jsummer5 - stupid question

I went to the bookstore & they didnt have my book, so they ordered it... I'm assuming brand new.. & its $105 .. its my biology book.. Do I have to buy it, if they ordered it for me, or can I still try to find a used one for cheaper?

4/30/05 06:14 pm - angelicate

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone in here have Professor Huey for History of World Civ. and happen to have the terms for Han China? I pulled out my notebook to study for Tuesday and realized that I'm missing that page somehow.

4/22/05 01:27 pm - seejanepaint

There's a huge hawk on the VA beach campus that has been chasing the little squirrels around the trees and trying to eat them. I saw it yesterday in front of the Library (bayside building).

Did you guys pick classes yet?

I'm taking two art classes on the Portsmouth campus.

4/14/05 02:25 am - crazybisxlbbw - xposted

Just started a new community for local VA people to meet others come check it out and post some information about you and what your looking for meetinva

4/10/05 11:42 am - elfinmoon - New to area and the school

Hi, I'm moving to VB in a couple of weeks and plan to eventually go to TCC for the Radiography Tech program. I'll have to start out with my GE classes before actually entering the program. I'm 49 and my husband has just taken a job at Norfolk's Sentera Leigh Hospital. We'll be living within a mile from the beach! YAY!!!! Can't wait! I'm looking forward to going back to school, too. Hopefully, there won't be any roadblocks.

4/9/05 10:46 pm - seejanepaint

It would be nice to have more people on this community. Please help by advertising if you get a chance. Tell a friend... Hampton Roads communities and that sort of thing. It would really be cool to have a place where the students could communicate about profs and everything. :)

4/9/05 12:51 pm - jenni_goes_grrr

Psychology Requirement- My old CC didn't require it in florida. Do you HAVE to take Psych 1 or can you take aof the psych classes to fufill this requirement?
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